For us, we chose to purchase a used car with renewed C.O.E, already 'ticking' two of the three options we have, not bad right? Lol!

Below is a picture of how it looked when trolling

For those who don't know, it's a 1997 Honda Civic 1.6 SiR a.k.a EK4M. Or the Civic Ferio in some other markets.

So what if it's already a soon-to-be 21 year old car? We didn't really mind!

The 'itch' came again after constantly changing rides that lasted no more than one and a half years each for about 5 years.

This blog will be about what we did or what is going to be done on this car, whether it is an add-on, modification, repair or maintenance. It will be published and updated as we progress.

We've actually got nothing planned or in the pipeline but the main aim is to 'go with the flow', nothing too time consuming because we still have a business to run.

Last but not least, everything and anything that's going to be done on it will be kept strictly road legal. Nothing illegal or crazy is to be performed.

So please stay tuned and we'll update this post as often as we can! Thank you!


Itchy Feet

First to get something done were the pedals, they were really shabby, tattered, beat, overused, shot or whatever you call it. So off came the rubbers and a set of MOMO R3000 kit pedals took their places.

We were contemplating the very popular MUGEN pedals but felt they were too common so we went for the MOMOs.

Nothing difficult here but the drilling and the area that we had to work with underneath the dash was tight, awkward and dirty haha!

Sharp Eyes

We were looking around the engine bay/compartment area and saw that the front strut bar was installed the other way round.

We wondered how in the world did whoever installed it managed to tighten the bolts/nuts when the bar was literally smack right on top of the cap on the AC low pressure port for the passenger side and the suspension mounting bolts on both sides!

Removing the four nuts and installing the bar the other way round solved the problem. The easiest we've ever done.

Tiny Stuffs Here & There

We swapped out a few things here and there.

First the 'old school' Kenwood cassette player/head unit was replaced with an existing slightly more modern but used Pioneer single din unit which we've kept for a while in our shop and the CD changer in the boot was 'booted' out.

Next were very simple things like the shift/gear knob, from the stock piece to a Buddy Club Racing Spec Shift Knob, also a used one we kept from our previous ride.

Then the engine oil cap, again a used item kept by us.

Noticed we keep using old or used items? Because it's our "forte" as we either keep, inherit, buy or sell used items or parts.

There is a reason why Singapore is the second largest vehicle exporter in the world behind Japan. Our market has seen a high number of vehicles being scrapped but we try to salvage their working parts for owners with vehicles near COE expiry dates or when changing new parts makes no economical sense when often times the used/old stuffs performs just as well.

We want to cre