So You Think You Know The Names?

Parts of a vehicle, unless you're technically incline, is as easy as it can be but even enthusiasts or petrol heads can get them wrong!

Do not worry if you aren't any of the above, because after reading this post, you'll be the 'Car Guy/Gal' in no time!

We will only be touching on a few sections in this post, otherwise it'll be too lengthy, boring and more like a theory class than a blog post.

1) Mudguard

Examples of mudguards

Examples of mudguards.

Ask most workshops or panel beaters and they tell you the red areas below are mudguards.

The actual names are fenders for the front and quarter-panels for the rear.

2) Headlamp or Headlight?

Google "Headlamp" and below is what you'd get

I wanted headlamps!

Screenshot Courtesy of Google.

Key in "Headlights" and below are what you'd find.

Headlights of all shapes & sizes.

Screenshot Courtesy of Google.

Do not quote me but these are just examples of what you'd find if you key in these names, there is no right or wrong, just information to help you understand better.

3) Windscreen or Windshield?

It's just the difference between US English speakers, who usually use the word windshield, and windscreen for UK English.

In case you don't know, despite being called "Windscreen Excess" that you see in your vehicle insurance policies, it'll also often cover all other windows and possibly sunroofs/moon-roofs of the vehicle too.

4) Side mirror/ Wing Mirror/Rear-view Mirror