Using the all-new platform architecture that RaceChip have developed for their second generation products, the GTS replaces the previous premium model in the range, the Ultimate. The new generation sets new technological standards in electronic performance enhancement, giving driving enthusiasts up to 30% more performance and unsurpassed efficiency in the relationship between chip and engine. Seven fine tuning mappings programmed specifically for each engine type mean that the engine dynamics can be adapted to suit the driver’s taste exactly. As an optional extra, the enhanced performance can also be summoned up from a smartphone. As with all of RaceChip’s products in this class, the GTS comes with a comprehensive peace-of-mind package which includes a two-year warranty on the engine.


A raft of innovations in both hardware and software differentiate the GTS from its predecessor, the Ultimate. They include an ARM Cortex processor capable of gathering and optimising data from the engine sensors via up to seven analogue and digital channels in parallel, and totally new optimisation software code. Together, these developments mean that the GTS can be calibrated to harmonise even better with the engine. For comparison, the Ultimate had only five channels, most of them analogue, for the hardware and software to communicate. The new Digital User Interface makes the benefits directly accessible to the driver, and allows him or her to choose from seven specially calibrated fine tuning mappings. These in turn mean that the GTS can be finely – and easily – adjusted to really synchronise the engine’s performance characteristics with the driver’s mood.


The performance boost liberated by the RaceChip GTS can also be accessed from a smartphone. When installed, the RaceChip app offers drivers three specially calibrated tuning stages to match the driving situation: Efficiency for saving fuel in urban traffic, Sport for improved mid-range flexibility on open roads and Race for maximum performance. The app can also deactivate the RaceChip completely, returning the car to stock tune.


For all the talk of performance, the headline figures sometimes obscure the fact that the RaceChip GTS can also help drivers reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%, if they adopt an appropriate driving style. Thanks to the boost in torque and efficiency created by the GTS in the critical rev range, the car can take a higher gear earlier and stay in it for longer, cutting both gear changes and fuel bills.