• Quickly and effectively removes deposits, restoring lost power, performance and fuel economy in only one tank of fuel.
  • Contains over 4 times the amount of fuel system detergent present in typical competitive injector cleaners.
  • Effective in all types of gasoline fuel injectors including the hard to remove deposits found in gasoline direct injection (GDI/DIG) engines.
  • Results of injector and intake valve cleaning have been reported to last up to 5,000 km.

Injector & Intake Valve Cleaner

SKU: U5050-0000
  • Fuel injector and intake valve deposits are the major cause of drivability issues that affect many gasoline powered vehicles. Hard starting, rough idle, hesitation when accelerating and poor fuel economy are common complaints reported by many drivers. Over time deposits buildup in fuel injectors and on intake valves, and these deposits restrict the precise flow of fuel to the combustion chambers. This buildup of deposits is influenced by fuel quality, presence of fuel system detergent, driving conditions and other factors. When these deposits reach a critical level they limit ability of the engine management system to accurately and precisely control the flow of fuel. At this point the vehicle begins to experience the type of drivability problems commonly reported by many drivers.