About Us

Car Doctor Pte Ltd.

What comes to your mind when you read the name? Don't tell us, we'll let you decide.

We've actually been around since 2011, albeit under a different name. Those who've been with us since day one will know. For those who don't, it doesn't matter.

A name is just a word or a set of words to identify, address or refer. Otherwise, everyone will be that car shop, that workshop, that garage, that "Chia Parng" or 车房.

It isn't easy to "stand out" from the crowd of motor workshops. Everyone claims or declares or wants to be able to do anything and everything related under one roof. What's worse is the relatively bad image of businesses like ours that has stuck to peoples' minds since the invention of vehicles.


For us, we just do what we can, to the best of our ability.

No Scams, No Gimmicks, No Unbelievable Price Lures, No Hard-Selling, No Up-Selling and No Price Wars between fellow workshops.

We just want to provide proper goods and services, maintain our competitiveness and customer satisfaction.


As for our logo, the cross(+) signifies what we normally do, that is to help vehicles last longer or get back up on their "feet".
The red capital R is familiar to many, it represents our passion, interest and love of motorsports because after all, we are enthusiasts too.


Our Vision

​To be the leading Automotive 'Hospital' for treating vehicles from all makes and models with different 'Specialist' departments for specific 'Treatments'.


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Meet The Team

Sylvester Han

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Loved tinkering with toys & stuff when young. Dreamt of being a race car driver, like every hot blooded, young motorsports enthusiast. Why does everyone aim to be one? Maybe because of the glamour & status but sadly, circumstances and other factors made him realign his focus. If everybody wants the fun and prestige then who's going to do the 'dirty' job?

Wallace Wee (Ah Boy)

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He gained his experience from his relative's tyre shop but found himself quite adept at working on mechanical parts. Soft spoken and a very good listener.

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Our go to guy for air-conditioning problems or issues.